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You’re a mom, dad, or grandparent. You love spending time with your kids and grandchildren. Maybe you grew up playing video games. Maybe you’re still into the good old days when you could beat the crap out of enemies in Street Fighter II on the Nintendo 64. Whatever your experience level, there are games for 5 year old’s that will make you smile and have hours of fun. So whether you’re looking for an easy game to play at home or something that can be challenging enough for an afternoon game session, we’ve got just what you need!

What are some fun games for 5 year old’s.

There are a variety of fun games for 5 year old’s. Some five year old’s like playing simple games, while others enjoy more complex games. Games that 5 year olds like include:

-Candy canaries



– Connect the Dots

– Headlines

– Clues and More!

What Games Do We Like.

We love playing games that help children learn new things. Some good game examples are Words with Friends, classic board games such as Monopoly, and Risky Business. We also like learning new languages through games like Grammar Fun and Spanish Phrasebook Pro!

What Games to Avoid if You Are a 5 Year Old.

Games that are not good for 5 year old’s include games that involve violence or Schrodinger’s cat. Games like this can be harmful to young children and can cause them to develop anxiety, stress, and problems with concentration.

What Games Are Not Safe for 5 Year Old’s.

Games that are not safe for 5 year old’s include games with alcohol or drugs, games with dangerous creatures like spiders or snakes, and games that are too difficult for young children to play alone. These games may also be unsafe for other people in the room, such as other parents or older siblings.

What Games Are Not Good for Children.

Games that are not good for children include games with sharp edges, loud noises, or complicated procedures. These activities can be very dangerous for small children and can cause them to experience seizures, hallucinations, or even death.

Games that Are Good for 5 Year Old’s.

There are many games that are good for 5 year old’s. Some of these games are:

3D games

2D games

Fruit Ninja

Block party games

The List Goes On and On!


Games that are good for 5 year old’s include games like Mario Kart, Sonic Adventure 2, and Super Mario Bros. Games that are not good for 5 year olds include games like Tetris, Pac-Man, and Injustice: Gods Among Us. If you are a 5 year old, make sure to choose games that are good for you and your friends!

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